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The Employment Hub provides advice, document preparation and moral support in court from expert paralegals at affordable prices, with outstanding results.

Our mission is to help employees solve their employment disputes using a unique combination of tech and legal expertise.


We specialise in working with those who have experienced problems in the course of employment and have no choice but to represent themselves throughout the litigation process of an employment tribunal. 

We are dedicated to ensuring justice takes its course helping those who need it the most!

We deal with all types of Employment law issues relating to discrimination, wrongful and unfair dismissal cases, victimisation, whistleblowing, employment law litigation, minimum wage and holiday pay queries and employment contract reviews.

We are a social enterprise dedicated to supporting all people affected by disputes at work such as discrimination, bullying, victimisation and unfair dismissal cases. This service is fully operational online (via email and phone) during the coronavirus crisis, as our team is fully remote.

Following the Legal Aid cuts of 2012, a large fraction of individuals have been excluded from access to justice. Although we are not solicitors, we offer advice and empathy to individuals who are not eligible for legal aid yet cannot afford high street law firms. Please see more information here from National Association of Licensed Paralegals on when to use a paralegal.

As we are not solicitors, and contentious business is not permitted by paralegal service providers, we engage with specialist solicitors if and when required.

We will never ask you to sign anything or to pay for other services in order to receive a Free Consulation. You are not obliged to enter into litigation if you decide not to do so.

32% of Claimants

did not get legal advice at the Employment Tribunal in 2019-2020

33% compared with 16%

Employers are more likely than claimants to be insured to cover legal expenses, this gives Employers the upperhand at trial

Only 24% of people

under age 25 

can afford legal advice - Lower salaries of young people mean they cannot find affordable advice

Probono Volunteer

Does this sound like you?

  • You have legal expertise or knowledge
  • You want to help people resolve problems
  • You have a few hours a month or year

Please reach out to us with the link below in order to express your interest.

Services & Fixed Fees

We offer free meetings to ensure we capture the essence of what you are concerned about


Quantifying your claim

We work with you to digest what your claim is all about and think together about the relevant issues in consultation with you to ensure you put your best foot forward; you can then present it by yourself to the firm/court.


The "List of Issues"

A well-drafted List of Issues by the Claimant will give you  the best possible opportunity to consider the weight of currently available evidence in your favour, and to begin to address any difficulties. Again, once happy you file it by yourself in court.


The "ET1"

We work with you to summarise your claim and provide a birds-eye-view on the relevant issues in consultation with you as you prepare your ET1, once happy you then file it by yourself in court.


Your "Witness Statement"

The witness statement is your best chance to set out your own version of events and appropriately cross reference other elements of your claim.


The "Schedule of Loss"

Next, we help you put a number on the claims you have listed, here we integrate technology and legal expertise to properly present the numbers behind your claim; once happy you then file it by yourself in court.


The "Hearing Bundle"

Finally, time to distill all the information and present it in a manner that is understandable and clear for the judge who will make their final decision! We intergrate technology to accurately do this.

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